thank you so much

Hey! Juveniles’

How are you all? My final year’s bachelor’s degree examination just got over and I guess I will be able to blog every single day from now on. I am so very excited to be able to do that.

Anyway, there is also another news for why I’m more excited and that is I am nominated for BLOGGER RECOGNITION AWARD and I am so grateful to Sudarshan Paliwal for nominating me for this wonderful award.

thank you so much
thank you so much

Sudarshan Paliwal is very informative blogger. Sudarshan Paliwal’s blog provides numerous unique informations which make it different from the rest.

I would love to present the rules for the award –

  1. Thank the blogger that nominated you send give a link to their site.
  2. Do a post to show our award.
  3. Give a summary of how your blog started.
  4. Give two pieces of advice for any new bloggers.
  5. Select at least 15 other bloggers for this award.
  6. Let each nominee know you’ve nominated them and give a link to your post.

How I started blogging –

Early this year, I got really tensed about my career. All kinds of mixed feelings happened to rise inside my head and then it got into my nerves. I started to think about the consequences I would have to face if my plans didn’t go the way I planned it. And shockingly COVID – 19 happened. Within a few weeks, I started to get anxiety. I would be all on my own, though I did spent time with my friends and my loved ones. When the day was over I would tell my love about the fears I had in my mind, forgetting that my other half were on the same page. I had to do something before I had gone mad. So, I decided to start a blog and boom! this happened. I could try to be a youtuber but as I said in my first blog I didn’t have the confidence on which I’m still working on. Eventually I started blogging where I could share my feelings, my thoughts and specially the side of story which I usually keep hidden in the fear of being judged. And now I don’t regret bit about my decision. I still don’t know where my future will throw me into but I know I will face all the problems with more confidence and more grace.

Some advice for new bloggers –

  • Don’t run after the numbers of likes or followers instead focus more on knowledge, informations and phases that you can share which will benefit the readers and boost their confidence to step into the blogging community just the way you did.
  • It doesn’t have to be always informative; you can share about your feelings which you generally find hard to express. Just pour your heart out and put it into words or pictures or anything possible. When the first blog is ready, post it without hesitation and share it on every social media platforms so that it can reach to more and more audience.

My nominees –

  • Aaliya’s Nook
  • Water for Camels
  • Moma’s Personal Blog
  • A Curly Sue’s Ramblings
  • Random Specific Thoughts
  • A Farm Girl’s Life
  • Introverted Thoughts
  • MiddleMe

Sudarshan Paliwal thank you so much once again.

Our First Glance

Hi, to the few people who are reading this (rofl).

hihi, that's embarrassing, i know
hihi, not yet enough followers, you know.

Anyway, been a long time right! Yeah, I know. I got too deep into procrastinating my works this time. You know, sometimes you just don’t want to or feel like doing anything. I might be wrong, but I feel that every single person feel this way more than once in their life. Am I wrong? Okay, whatsoever now that I am back to life, I’ll be posting each Thursday. And I’m all into excitement, hope you are too.

I have planned of posting a page out of my journal which probably exists only in my imagination. Wait, did I say imagination? Well, FYI, my imagination gets too deep all the time, sometimes it makes me confuse what’s real and what’s in the wonderland. So I thought of using this crazy side of my brain into writing something like a novel which will surely be reliable to all the young minds.

Here is view of my very first fictional novel’s cover page –

the unheard side
the unheard side


The phase you are about to read is the very beginning of my fictional novel. Hope you will like it.

Chapter 1 – Our First Glance

Time does fly real fast. Once we knew nothing about each other neither we had any intention to know and look at us now we do nothing without each other and are very well interested to learn about the other. I remember the first time, our eyes met and I don’t know how but I did know it met for a reason.

Hellow there, oh, I know you, we did schooling together, didn’t we? But your eyes! I’ve seen those eyes before, it didn’t seem to be this bright then but why is it hypnotizing me now? Wow, that’s real strong. 

I want to stare a bit more, get a little deeper, you know just a bit more but no, I have to go.

Back to my castle, I realized I really have changed. From being real to faking a wide smile, I think I’m no more “me”. I cheer up my other roomies from their lows but when I get to the roof late at night I feel alone. But that’s not what scares me. Indeed the only time I feel alive is when I’m up there on the roof with my earphones on listening to the melodies which strikes me to keep my hope up.

Every day is a same day. Wake up exactly the same time, walk through the same road, wave good morning to the same people and stuff in the same shit kind of breakfast into the stomach, arhhhhh…..hate it so much. Moving to a new town can be really exciting plus frustrating equally. Attending lectures was just a way to get rid of loneliness.

Anyway, I’m meeting a new face each day, but all hid their space of reality within. Little did they know that their mask on their pretty little faces were transparent to me. It is sad to see those young hearts forget that the story of one’s journey could be read through their eyes. Little did they know that those heavy mascaras and eyeliners could not cover their see-through hearts, neither those dark lip colours could add a filter in their tone of voice. 

the end of the first page
that’s the end of the first page

Oh! Did I get way too deep here? I think you did like it, didn’t you? Come-on, don’t hide that sparkling smile visible on your face. Well, thank you for reading my post. I will be posting a page out of my tiny journal every Thursday from now onwards. And if you like reading my juvenilia then, please do follow me and do click on that “star” icon before you leave. 

hope this post will be read by many.
hope this post will be read by many.

Brand New Start!

Brand New Start

Hello everyone!! It’s me, Neetz.

Welcome to Juvenile’s blog.

This is my first blog in WordPress. Today I’m not going to write much. I’ll just write a few words on why I’m here and what will be my motive through this blog.

So, without wasting more time, let’s get started.

So, the real question on your head might be.

Why is this girl here? Will she really write something interesting or will she just waste our time?


So the main reason I’m here is to chill with you people, yea…I mean I want to chill with you guys not just because you guys are talented but because I feel I can share my views with you all. Honestly, I used to be the most introverted person in the world. But I know there are still many people in this world who are unable to speak to people freely or share their problems with others. And I want to let them all know they aren’t alone.

I wasn’t the person who had the courage to record myself in a video and speak to the camera like I’m speaking to somebody. No, I was not that kind of person. I used to feel terrified when my friend captures my picture. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t like my photos, but I felt like my photos were not going to look good. So, I used to avoid cameras.

But after a couple of years of struggling with myself, learning to be myself, attending many sessions on loving oneself. I have started to care less about how I look and focus more on how I feel. Sometimes the problem is not that we are unable to speak it out of our head but the question is why are we not able to let it out? Is it because we are too shy? And if that one person feels shy to speak, then why that one person does feels shy and the rest doesn’t? Isn’t it odd to see the rest speak about the same problem, same incident with much confidence?

I basically lacked confidence on myself back then. I don’t mean to say that every other introvert lacks confidence. There are some people who are confidentially introverted and it is absolutely their choice of living. Not being able to talk to every person one meets, doesn’t refer that person lacks confidence. Maybe that person doesn’t even want to speak to other people randomly. Maybe that person has got something much important to do. Not being interested to communicate and finding hard to be oneself is total different thing. People usually mix up this two things and refer it as one. But hellow….it is not.

In my case, I totally wanted to feel free to communicate with the other person with whom I’m interested to talk. Because I have been through times when I wanted to talk to the other person about my problems and other stuffs but I was not able. I couldn’t put the right words in to explain how I was feeling or what was going in my mind which would irritate the other person. So, eventually, I began attending live sessions on building confidence and started watching videos of how to communicate being oneself and not pretending to be someone else. You know what I mean. Do my words make sense? Please comment down below and let me know.

Finally after a couple of years, now I’m here presenting myself the way I am.

Thank you all for reading my first post. I didn’t think of writing this much but yea…I did. Grimacing face.

You will gradually know more about me when I upload my upcoming posts on what I do in my everyday life; how I react to certain stuffs…. alright you will know when I upload it, I don’t have the titles ready yet.

For more, please stay tuned. wink.

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